Not only is having dry, flaky, and scaly skin on your face uncomfortable, it unfortunately can’t easily be concealed under makeup. In fact, foundation and powder can unintentionally magnify the appearance of dryness, accentuating fine lines and wrinkles, thereby drawing more attention to them! 

So, what can we do? Well, let’s first begin by working out what factors might be behind this sudden bout, or ongoing trend, of dry skin on your face.

Do some detective work

A bunch of factors can contribute to dry skin patches on your face, ranging from the external environment, one’s hydration levels, specific products and skin conditions

To help catch the culprit, first ask yourself these questions: 

  • Have I drunk enough water lately? Dehydration in the skin can lead to a lacklustre complexion and a rough, compromised skin barrier. 
  • Could the weather be contributing to my skin concerns? Cold, windy weather can parch your complexion when the humidity is low in the air. 
  • Have I used any aggravating skincare products? Dryness can flare up after using products that strip natural oils, such as those containing alcohol, astringents, and potent acids. Alternately, check whether you might be allergic to any ingredients you’ve been using in your skin care routine. 
  • How have I been cleansing my face? Excessive cleansing, vigorous rubbing and over-exfoliating can contribute to facial dryness as they can deplete the skin’s natural oils. 
  • Do I have any underlying health issues? Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, and diabetes can all lead to skin dehydration, dryness and itchiness, so it’s worth checking in with your GP or dermatologist if you are concerned about ongoing changes in your skin texture.

To the dry face skin rescue!

In addition to making any lifestyle or health-related changes to combat the cause of your facial dryness, here are a few tips to restore your luminosity. 

Supercharge with serum 

Serums are luxurious liquid gold for dry skin, melting into your dermis to restore your protective layer and deliver a wealth of antioxidants deep into your pores. For an extra surge of moisture, our tip is to apply to slightly damp skin – the ultimate recipe for achieving optimum results. 

Our Renewal Serum takes the crown as one of the finest contenders for facial skin dryness. Premium botanical oils – like camellia oil, broccoli seed oil, and rosehip oil – to replenish and rejuvenate the skin’s surface. 

These oils not only pack a moisture punch, they also enhance your skin’s elasticity, ensuring your complexion is dewy, glowing and radiant. Camellia oil in particular is a boon for those pesky fine lines and sensations of tightness as it combats inflammation. Omega-9 fatty acids leave your skin plump and supple, while rosehip oil, the maestro of texture and tone enhancement, soothes and evens out roughness. 

Apply moisture gently and effectively 

Now that we’ve established that vigorous rubbing and pore stripping is definitely a no-go, how should you pamper the skin on your face? 

Alongside avoiding overly hot showers (which can dry out your skin), how you apply your moisture matters. To work hydrating ingredients down into rough and dry patches, we recommend gently moisturising in circular motions for boosted efficacy. 

Our Multi Purpose Balm is what you’ll want to reach for after your serum. This beautiful balm sinks deeply into thirsty skin to provide soothing relief, which is why it’s invaluable for targeting those dry patches. It’s loaded with a bounty of essential fatty acids that quench parched areas like nobody’s business. Indulge in the goodness of Shea Butter and Beeswax, along with the ultra soothing skin embrace of Jojoba and Avocado Oils. And let’s not forget the antioxidant powerhouse delivered by Vitamins E and A to really speed up the healing process.

If you keep some in your handbag and top up any drier spots throughout the day, we know your skin will be glowing again in no time!