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A Hand Cream With a Difference

At Cannabella, we are committed to providing high-quality natural skincare solutions that not only nourish the skin but promote overall wellness, and our Multi-purpose Balm doubles beautifully as a hand cream.

Our Multi-purpose Balm is the perfect go-to for all your hand moisturising needs. Enriched with our favourite multi-purpose power ingredient, raw and unfiltered Seed Oil, this nourishing balm provides an ultimate protective skin barrier for your hands that locks in moisture. Our hand cream alternative is loaded with essential fatty acids that are globally recognised for their skin renewal benefits. Seed oil is high in chlorophyll, which reduces inflammation and irritation as well as inhibits bacteria.

Our Multi-purpose Balm is perfect as a hand cream alternative for those with dry or cracked hands. Its soothing and moisturising properties help to prevent and repair damage caused by dry and damaged skin. This versatile balm is suitable for all skin types, providing nourishment and protection for your hands, and can be used on any occasion.

A Hand Cream Made in Australia 

Cannabella is proud to be an Australian-owned company that offers high-quality skincare solutions. Our Multi-purpose Balm – a fantastic  hand cream alternative – is made using locally sourced, natural ingredients that are of the highest quality. We are passionate about the environment and sustainability, so all our products are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Oil Hand Cream

Our oil hand cream alternative contains raw and unfiltered seed oil, which is an excellent choice for treating skin that is susceptible to irritation and inflammation due to its non-comedogenic nature and potent anti-inflammatory properties. This oil contains the right components to soothe redness, aid in healing, and regulate oil production, while also keeping the skin and pores nourished and moisturised.

This multi-purpose balm is perfect for daily use and can be applied to your hands to help prevent and repair dry and damaged skin. This product is a must-have in your skincare routine if you want your hands to experience the full benefits of seed oil.

A Few Benefits of Hand Cream

Our Multi-purpose Balm is the ultimate hand cream alternative, providing intense hydration and protection for your hands. It’s perfect for those who suffer from eczema and dermatitis, as it helps to renew and repair dry or damaged skin – check out our skin conditions page to find out more about how it can help you. Our nourishing and protective formula helps to prevent further damage to your skin while also promoting skin renewal.

Some more benefits of our hand cream alternative include:

  • Provides a protective barrier over the skin
  • Highly occlusive (locks in moisture)
  • Multi-purpose balm suitable for all skin types and conditions
  • Calms and soothes skin sensitivities
  • Suitable for Eczema, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis
  • Rich in natural ingredients including fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A

Multi-purpose Balm

Lock in moisture with the ultimate protective skin barrier, Multipurpose Balm - a nourishing, multi-purpose organic balm for all occasions.
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