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We get it. We only invest in new products (especially those which are going on our faces)
Cystic Acne Relief
I have found some amazing products that keep my skin as cool as a cucumber especially during the harsh winter. I have been absolutely pumping through the Clarify and Renewal Serums by Cannabella. Read more.
Dry Skin Relief
I can’t believe how quickly it worked – and all without that gross greasy feeling that you get with some dry skin products. Even though my arm is completely healed, I am now completely hooked on this stuff. I use it on my face because it’s such a light, easily absorbed, soothing product. Read more.
Facial Eczema Relief
I was shocked how quickly it worked. It brought back so much confidence and glow. As soon as I tried Cannabella, my skin was no longer dry and crackly in the morning when I woke up. It had finally started repairing itself! Read more.
Amazing! I’ve used so many products on my skin and this is by far the best! It has made my skin smoother and I’ve had no breakouts. So glad I found it!!
The best product I’ve ever used. It’s transformed my spotty, freckly, rosacea-prone skin. Love it.
Stumbled across this whilst on holidays up the central coast and I’ve become a regular buyer since. I really struggle with products for acne because I find they can be harsh and create other problems. Usually dryness, or further breakouts. This has been great. It’s gentle on my skin and has been preventing my breakouts as well as leaving a nice glow.
Love love LOVE the renewal and clarify serum! Helped heal eczema on my face/neck and arms, rejuvenates skin to looking fresh & soft. I’ve found a lot of oils make you feel really oily but not Cannabella, leaves you looking glowy, hydrated and clean. It’s a product I cannot live without anymore.
Gavin Plummer
Was trying a few different products, being new to looking after my skin, I was gifted this. I had used the jelly before to great success, so getting this was like Christmas for my skin. It hydrated my sun-damaged face, I used it mainly for my nose and under my eyes. All in all great product 10/10 Thank you team at Cannabella, love it!
My wife wanted me to start looking after my skin better, she was scared I’d turn into a crocodile, I thought fair enough, I had been using my body like an uber, and now I treat it like a Tesla. I had a scab on my nose that would often get picked, not big enough to see, but big enough for me to notice, it had been there for a year or so and I didn’t want to get it checked out. I used this jelly on it morning and night and within 2 months it had completely gone. No idea what it was, I don’t want to know. The jelly is my skincare staple and should be for most aussie men, I love it. Cheers! 10/10
Was gifted this, and I’m glad I got to try it out. It smells great and feels smooth on the skin. Absorbs nicely, and doesn’t feel too oily. Might be too personal for a review, but even on a red raw itchy bum, there is no stinging, so sensitive regions can get some healing too! Bless the plant, bless the team at Cannabella, I’m glad the future is here and now!
Myvanwyanne Cull
I was recently diagnosed with a chronic skin condition and was prescribed very strong steroid creams, which had severe side effects. I came across Cannabella’s, The Vegan Hemp Jelly, and it has been so healing and soothing for my skin. The Hemp Jelly, also has such a relaxing fragrance. I will never go back to using steroid creams ever again. It’s an excellent product. I highly recommend for any skin conditions.
Niccii Kugler
Cannabella Hemp Jelly worked magic on my scars! I was gifted some of the Hemp Jelly in March and started using it after an accident left me with a badly grazed face and leg. It literally cleaned up my face which was badly grazed from forehead to chin in a matter of days. Everyone who saw me the day after the accident couldn't believe it when they saw me the next weekend and it was almost healed. I now use it daily as a moisturiser, lip balm, cuticle cream and on any of my kid's cuts and scratches. Highly recommend!
Gabrielle O’Keeffe
Have only just received my hemp jelly and renewal serum but can already confidently say these products of of the highest quality! I purchased both to trial on my psoriasis which I get on the soles of my feet. They are calming when applied and ease the inflammation and itch! Im looking forward to seeing what longer term use of the products look and feel like. The renewal serum slowly absorbs into the skin (using on my face) leaving your face feeling plump but without leaving a lot of oily residue. Im so excited to share my progress with these products in the near future! You won't regret purchasing Cannabella! it's the real deal and worth every cent. Customer service (Matt) has gone above and beyond in our interactions and the postage was super fast! Keep it up Cannabella. Your producing the best quality products out there 🙂
Cait Provan
I have been using the Cannabella range for 6 months and my skin has transformed from average to glowing. I used the green detox as a mask/exfoliant once a week and the La Tropica serum everyday. I’m so happy to have achieved this with all natural products. Highly recommend!
Somali Luxford
Hey guys! I received my order a little over a week and and have to say I LOVE IT. The mask immediately calms down my nasty, angry pimples and they’re significantly reduced the next day! The serum I ordered makes my skin feel amazing when I wake up and I have been using my hemp jelly as a lip balm, under eye ‘cream’ and on the cuticle where I broke my finger. Each and every product I have tried so far has exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be ordering again. (Also your customer service is great! Thanks for resolving my accident with my postal address so quickly!)
I’ve fallen in love with these effective products. They smell great and work well! I’ve just put in an order for the hemp jelly and can’t wait to try it. It’s quite heartwarming that these guys made this for their sick mum.
Erin Stone
I've used several of Cannabella's products and they are all great! My favourite is La tropica
Janet Campbell
I have been using the CoQ10 Serum for 18 months and this is the best skincare product I have ever used. I have mature dry sensitive skin with slight Rosacea . I use it morning and night and my skin feels smooth and lines have been softened and the Rosacea on my cheeks has vanished . I would highly recommend this product . Fantastic value as only a few drops required .
S Campbell
I had myself a bad case of 'Bill Clinton nose' but the Hemp Jelly cleared that right up!
Nik B
Just wanted to say thanks and that I just love using your la tropica serum - I’m on my third bottle now! I actually use it mostly on my face and neck, chest & back of hands - morning and night. I’m prone to redness on my face & have really sensitive skin & find it hard to find products that don’t break me out into pimples- (I’m in my 40’s) but this doesn’t -because of the aloe Vera which allows the gorgeous oils to absorbs so easily. Also love this under my mineral foundation. The watermelon summer smell - it’s clean & fresh but not overpowering. Even managed to get my hubby to use before going to bed! Would be great if you made a cleanser with the aloe and hemp. Really lovely products. Thank you.
Tyrone Layne
Love the Hemp Jelly for dry lips and skin.
M Stiegler
Been using the hemp jelly and the renewal serum my skin has Improved so much
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