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Discover the ultimate skincare solution with Cannabella’s Multi-purpose Balm and Vegan Multi-purpose Balm, two powerful ointments designed to provide your skin with the nourishment and protection it deserves. Rich in Seed Oil, these ointments are perfect for all occasions, and their versatile nature makes them ideal for addressing a range of skin concerns.

We spent a lot of time researching and refining the ingredients in our ointments, and we believe they will be able to help you. With all-natural and organic ingredients, rest assured that you’re getting the best quality skincare around. 

Ointment for Eczema

Eczema can be a frustrating and uncomfortable condition, but Cannabella’s Multi-purpose Balm and Vegan Multi-purpose Balm offer relief by soothing irritated skin. Our ointments are formulated to support skin repair and renewal while reducing inflammation and inhibiting bacteria, thanks to the powerful properties of Seed Oil. The gentle nature of these ointments makes them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin affected by eczema.

Ointment Uses

Our ointments have a wide range of uses, making them essential additions to any skincare routine. Some of the many ointment uses include:

  1. Moisturising and protecting dry skin
  2. Soothing and healing irritated or inflamed skin
  3. Providing relief for sunburns
  4. Helping to prevent breakouts
  5. Assisting with the repair of damaged skin
  6. Supporting the skin’s immune system

Ointment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is another skin condition that can benefit from the soothing properties of Cannabella’s Multi-purpose Balm and Vegan Multi-purpose Balm. Our ointments help reduce inflammation and redness associated with psoriasis, providing relief for those who suffer from this chronic skin disorder. The blend of essential fatty acids and skin-renewing ingredients work together to promote healing and improve overall skin health.

Seed Ointment

At the heart of our Multi-purpose Balm and Vegan Multi-purpose Balm is the powerful Seed Oil, globally recognised for its skin renewal benefits. This seed ointment is loaded with essential fatty acids and high in chlorophyll, which work together to reduce inflammation, irritation, and inhibit bacteria. The nourishing formula is perfect for all skin types, providing the ultimate protective skin barrier.

Cannabella’s Commitment to Quality and Skin Health

We pride ourselves on creating ointments that are not only effective but also free from petrochemicals. Our Multi-purpose Balm is infused with Shea Butter and Beeswax, while our Vegan Multi-purpose Balm utilises Cacao Butter as a plant-based alternative. Both ointments contain nourishing Jojoba and Avocado Oils, which provide an antioxidant boost along with Vitamins E and A to promote healing and support the skin’s immune system.

Experience the power of Cannabella’s Multi-purpose Balm and Vegan Multi-purpose Balm for yourself, and embrace the soothing, healing, and protective benefits of these nourishing ointments. Whether you’re looking for relief from eczema, or psoriasis, or simply seeking a versatile skincare solution, our ointments are here to help you achieve healthy, vibrant skin.


Multi-purpose Balm

Lock in moisture with the ultimate protective skin barrier, Multipurpose Balm - a nourishing, multi-purpose organic balm for all occasions.

Vegan Multi-purpose Balm

Quench and soothe dry and damaged skin with our Vegan Multi-purpose Balm, a vegan skin-repairing salve, enriched with plant-powered active ingredients.
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