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We believe nature has created everything for a reason. That’s why we only use 100% organic, botanical, sustainable, cruelty free hemp and ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from their native regions around the world by our passionate, dedicated team.

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Our Impact

Environmental Impact

Known as a hardy and renewable crop, hemp is also one of the most environmentally friendly crops on the planet. It has the miraculous ability to clean the atmosphere and even helps to reverse the damage of CO2 from global warming, with each hemp plant consuming four times as much CO2 as trees do. With a short growing cycle of only four months, hemp can be planted, grown, harvested and crops rotated at a much higher rate than trees. More hemp growing = more carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere!

Unlike most crops, hemp actually leaves the soil in better condition than when it was planted. Improper farming practices tend to strip the land of its nutrients, but hemp is able to restore nutrients to the ground, leaving the soil enriched for the next crop. The plant naturally grows free of weeds and the same soil can be used to grow the plant for years without losing its high soil quality. This natural resistance to pests means hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, another clear benefit to the health of the ecosystems where hemp is farmed.

Hemp needs very little water to grow and allows for water conservation rather than immense consumption. For example, a crop like cotton needs considerable water to grow to its fullest potential while hemp needs very little – making it an ultra-sustainable crop, especially in our dry climate.

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Our Impact

Supply Chain

Since beginning our business 5 years ago we have developed a trusted network of suppliers and partners. Through these relationships, we’re able to ensure the providence of our ingredients aligns with our values. In many instances, we work directly with organic farming families to source particular oils.

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