Ever pondered whether the path to true beauty lies in embracing the natural? If you have, you’re among kindred spirits! At Cannabella we’re always on the hunt for more tips and tricks to pamper our skin naturally, and so we’ve compiled a few of our favourite fundamentals for you here.

1. Discover your skin’s best allies

Your skin is unique, which is why it’s fundamental to tune in to the symphony of nature’s offerings and uncover the perfect natural skincare that really works for you. Dry, irritated, ageing, or oily – whatever your skin’s calling (explore our skin conditions page if you’re not sure), there’s a natural ingredient that answers. 

And on the flipside, take stock of what hasn’t worked for you in the past. Even within the realm of “natural,” scrutinising ingredient lists based on your skin type and sensitivities is paramount. 

Just as many of us have allergies to certain foods and pollen, plant-based ingredients can also potentially trigger irritation or allergic reactions, which then counteract the benefits. So when trying something new make sure to patch test – this way your natural product journey can be as safe as it is rejuvenating. 

2. Before makeup, prep your natural canvas

If you’re looking for natural radiance, the silicones and chemicals in makeup can sometimes be a stumbling block. As well as opting for eco-friendly and natural makeup brands, make sure your complexion is first cleansed, moisturised and primed properly using high-quality natural skincare products, before going glam. 

For instance, giving your skin a deep cleanse with Cannabella’s Green Detox Face Mask before applying one of our unfiltered serums will help the oil penetrate more deeply into the sebum, therefore giving you a smoother canvas on which to apply foundation. Not only does this act as a natural primer, but by brightening and rejuvenating your complexion you might not even need to apply as much foundation to achieve glowing skin. Definitely a win win. 

3. Prioritise your essentials to save $$

Navigating the realm of high-quality natural skincare can sometimes lead to a hefty price tag, given the considerations of sourcing, quality ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. That’s why we recommend focusing on your daily essentials – the products you rely on most and use abundantly. 

When it comes to products you use frequently, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential build up of chemicals in your body and the environment. Free from synthetic additives, Cannabella’s plant-based products are made from premium, organic botanical ingredients. Each has been carefully selected for its rich nutrient profiles and array of healing properties – so you know you can trust them, day in and day out. 

As with any beauty regime, a balanced approach is key. While sticking to a budget and considering clinically proven effectiveness are valid reasons to make exceptions, the heart of natural skincare lies in prioritising efficacious, biodegradable ingredients – those that don’t linger in our bodies or the world around us. 

4. Make eco-friendly switches

Not only is it possible to ditch the disposable wipes, cotton eye pads, and makeup remover wipes in favour of natural, eco-friendly, and reusable alternatives, it’s easy! From eco-cloths to bamboo makeup brushes, reusable baby wipes to organic wipes, there are now endless options out there to seamlessly replace disposable and single use products. Not only are they kinder to your skin in general, but they also help you maintain a lifestyle that nurtures the environment. 

That’s certainly what we do at Cannabella – our skincare range is 100% organic, sustainable and cruelty free, with ingredients thoughtfully sourced from their native regions around the world.

5. Holistic health isn’t just skin deep

Of course, it’s not only about the outer layer. Choosing the right skincare regimen is crucial, but don’t underestimate the power of supporting your skin from within. Nurturing your skin through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness can work wonders in tandem with a tailored natural skincare routine. A nutrient-rich diet is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which all support your skin’s moisture levels and radiance. 

Prevent breakouts by steering clear of dairy and high-fat products that can trigger oil production, and limit salt and alcohol to avoid dullness and dryness. Plus, sip your way to vibrant skin by drinking between 4 to 10 glasses of water each day (and your doctor will be happy with you, too!).