Have you ever tried a skincare product and immediately thought, ‘Where have you been all my life??’

Well, for many of us in the holistic skincare world, that eureka moment was sparked by the multitasking marvel that is Multi Purpose Balm! Read on to discover why this soothing, botanical all-rounder has become a fundamental part of our regimen.

Who's the right fit for this magic-in-a-bottle product?

If you’re a living, breathing human with skin, then you’re in luck. Whether your skin is oily and congested, sensitive, parched and dry, or even if you have conditions like eczema or dermatitis, Multi Purpose Balm is a suit-all skincare product that you can use on your entire body.

This is due to its ensemble of supremely gentle yet potent ingredients. It’s also loaded with essential fatty acids known for their superb skin-rejuvenating properties, and chlorophyll to keep inflammation at bay. 

As for hydration, Multi Purpose Balm delivers luxurious shea butter to your skin, along with the dynamic duo of jojoba and avocado oils – our antioxidant-rich warriors.

Curious about any synthetic tagalongs? Nope, not here. Our Multi Purpose Balm is as natural as morning dew, with no petrochemicals or any of those sneaky synthetic nasties. 

And for those wondering, yes, we have a Vegan Multi Purpose Balm up for grabs (we just swap out the beeswax for cacao butter)!

7 ways to incorporate Multi Purpose Balm into your routine

There are many ways you can embrace the versatility of this beautiful balm, but here are some of our favourites:

1. As a lip balm

 A dab of Multi Purpose Balm on the lips, and voila! You have a lightweight yet powerful lip balm that prevents dryness and chapping while keeping your lips looking plump and juicy.

2. As an overnight mask

 After washing and cleansing at night, smooth a thin layer of Multi Purpose Balm onto your skin (avoiding your eyes) and let it work its overnight magic.

3. To melt off makeup 

Massage Multi Purpose Balm into your skin in small circular motions and rinse to remove stubborn makeup off your face while pampering your skin. Repeat if needed.

4. To guard your cuticles

Massage Multi Purpose Balm into your nail beds daily to keep them as plush as a cushion and ready to grow stronger, healthier nails.

5. As a hair gel 

You only need to rub a touch of jelly between your fingers and gently sweep your hands over your ponytail to keep flyaways down all day long.

6. For first-aid purposes

Sunburns, windburns, or simply irritable rashes, a layer of Multi Purpose Balm is your shield. Though, for the more serious burns and skin issues, always ring up your doc.

7. On the little one

Has your baby got a rash? Multi Purpose Balm is safe for all ages, so feel free to soothe any sensitive skin areas on your tiny tots too.

From nature, with love

There’s oodles of products to choose from on the skincare market, but we come back to the same ones time and time again for a reason. At Cannabella, we love to harness the wonders of nature in versatile and effective formulas, and that’s exactly what we’ve done without much-loved Multi Purpose Balm. 

So, ready to simplify your routine with this skin and planet-friendly jelly? We hope so! But please feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions.