Skin is a barometer of our general health and wellbeing, and that’s why 2022’s greater focus on having a radiant and clear complexion is about more than just looking good.

Post pandemic, going makeup free has become more of a trend. Many of us are ditching the fully made-up look in favour of letting our natural skin shine through. Instead of primers and highlighters, we’re opting to go back to basics with plant-based skin-nourishing care to achieve that healthy glow. Chemically-laden products are being replaced with hero ingredients – like our own Hemp Seed Oil – to bring about a more natural, gentle, yet effective skincare routine for hydrated, healthy skin.

Here are three key trends that are driving the renewed focus on skincare-as-healthcare right now:

We’re becoming more knowledgeable about our skin’s underlying health

It’s impossible to get flawlessly smooth, radiant, and even-toned skin without digging beyond our skin’s superficial appearance. Aside from diet, lifestyle factors such as our stress levels, sleep, and exercise all play a part in how our skin presents. Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have developed more awareness of our skin and its conditions in the absence of makeup and the products we’d otherwise apply on a regular basis.

This reconnection with our skin has led to us changing the way we care for it, particularly in terms of anti-inflammatory skincare. Many of us are beginning to understand how inflammation affects our overall health, including our skin, for the first time. We’re moving away from harsher treatments like retinoids and acid peels in favour of preventative skincare that minimises and controls inflammation, which can play a direct role in a variety of skin dysfunctions.

Hemp is one key ingredient in the fight against inflammation as it’s calming, doesn’t clog pores and helps clear skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Hemp seed oil is also high in chlorophyll which reduces the inflammatory response as well as inhibits bacteria growth, leading to a stronger skin barrier and thriving skin microbiome.

We’re after quality over quantity

Skincare aficionados are looking for specific active ingredients which they believe will deliver better results for their skin. As consumers increase their knowledge about product formulations, clean skincare deriving from organic botanical sources are set to stand out from the pack. The “use less but only the best” mantra is applicable here as skincare fans are beginning to realise the more ingredients you apply isn’t necessarily better and could in fact harm your skin or have no effect at all.

Products that are multi-tasking, fast-acting and have a proven track record tend to do best, particularly if they’re known for their commitment to sustainability and supply chain transparency.

‘Skinimalism’ takes off

As more of us opt for simpler skincare routines, we’re decluttering our bathroom shelves to make way for multi-tasking workhorses that can tackle all our skin concerns simultaneously. Our Hemp Jelly is a perfect example of this kind of product.

Far from the overwhelming multi-step skincare regimes of the past, skincare in 2022 is all about ingredient efficacy, targeting skin health from the inside out. To that end, a good moisturiser to protect the skin barrier, a quality serum and sunscreen along with the occasional mask treatment is all you need to give your skin some TLC.

We’re finally learning that we don’t need a cabinet full of products or a complicated skincare routine to achieve the dewy complexions of our dreams. As we pull back from using too many active ingredients we are moving towards a more balanced, simple, and kinder approach to skincare.