After the skin-challenging chill of winter, spring is a welcome break from the cold and wind, as well as a chance to refresh and re-prioritise your skincare. Traditionally a time of growth and renewal, spring is a time to nurse dry and scaly winter skin in preparation for the summer ahead. Here are our best tips on how to nail your spring skincare routine so you can put your best face forward going into the warm seasons.

1. Exfoliate

The first order of the day for spring skin is to slough back the dry and dull skin that has accumulated during winter and give your skin a good clean. As the weather warms up and humidity rises, your skin is able to better tolerate exfoliation especially if it’s prone to dryness in the cold months. Aim to incorporate exfoliation into your spring skincare routine at least twice a week for best results, but don’t overdo it.

Our Green Detox mask is an excellent multitasker with green clay, kale, wheatgrass and hemp seed to purify congested skin. Simply mix with water to form a paste and scrub the face gently after cleansing. Better yet, opt for more pampering by leaving the mask on for a few minutes before washing off.

2. Switch to a lighter moisturiser

Heavy creams might be best for soothing chapped winter skin but spring is a different ball game altogether. As temperatures and humidity rises, rich, thick creams often end up feeling sticky and greasy on the skin while lighter moisturisers absorb quickly without blocking pores. A serum from our award-winning range is lighter and non-comedogenic (i.e. they don’t block your pores!) but will still give your skin the drink it needs.

We recommend our Clarify serum for blemish prone skin, Renewal serum for normal and sensitive skin types and CoQ10 serum for mature or extra dry skin.

3. Slap on an SPF

Leading into summer, spring is a time when UV rays start to strengthen, making daily sunscreen mandatory. Use at least SPF 50+ and if outdoors for extended periods of time, make sure you reapply. As an added precaution practice sun safety by always wearing a hat and avoid going outside at times when the sun’s rays are the most powerful. Don’t underestimate the potential damage that VA and UVB rays can wreak on your skin even in spring. Sun damage commonly results in wrinkles, premature skin, hyperpigmentation, and redness so slip, slop, slap away and don’t forget to apply sunscreen below the neck!

4. Switch up your products

Sun induced pigmentation like sunspots, uneven skin tone and dry ageing skin is notoriously difficult to erase, but powerful botanical antioxidants present in hemp seed oil, camellia oil and broccoli seed oil can help restore and protect the skin barrier. It’s worth investing in a product which targets free radicals during spring and summer where skin exposure to UV is higher.

Renewal serum is the perfect spring MVP due to its ability to facilitate collagen and elastin production and increase cell regeneration and turnover. Wear under sunscreen during the day and dab a few drops onto the skin at night to ensure your complexion stays plump and youthful no matter how much time you’ve been spending outdoors.