If your hair looks like our hair after several months spent soaking up the rays and splashing in the sea and pool, you’ll want to check out our handy tips to help nourish your summer hair and return it to vitality!

We love the sun, sea and sand – that’s one of the main reasons we moved to the Gold Coast in the first place – but it can be a nightmare on our skin and hair. In fact, UV rays can cause as much damage to your mane as your skin, and it can start to feel sun-scorched, dry and brittle by the end of the summer season.

If your hair is also lacking luster and is rough, coarse or frizzy, read on for our 5 hot tips below – all tried and tested by team Cannabella!

1. Pamper your hair

Book yourself in for a chop (or a trim if you’re not feeling brave enough for a chop!). This will remove all the split ends and make it easier to manage. Chances are it’s gained some good length over the summer, because hair grows faster at this time. Another pampering move is to treat your new mane to a satin pillowcase. It’ll cause less friction, leaving your hair looking smoother and healthier. And it feels luxurious to sleep on, too!

2. Fall in love with the power of bone broth 

Eating a balance of nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals is very important to supply hair with all that is needed to remain shiny, lustrous and strong. If you’re after a quick-fix to return your locks to their strong, glossy former glory, bone broth is a wonderful place to start.  

Give your hair the amino acids, electrolytes, proteins and other healthy, hydrating compounds it’s craving with delicious and comforting, bone broth.  It’s easy to make and freeze – we like this simple recipe to begin with – and it aids nutrient absorption and supports your system.  It’s also rich in collagen, a protein that plays an essential protective role in the human body’

All in all, it’s a treasure-trove of all kinds of essentials for your body, including your hair, skin and nails.  If you’re vegan, look for plant-based sources of collagen such as a smoothie or soup containing any or all of these collagen rich plant foods; papaya, kale, berries, almonds, spinach, citrus fruit, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds.

3. Don’t forget to drink

You might be doing a really good job looking after your hair, but being dehydrated can reverse all that good work. Believe it or not, hair can become dehydrated too! With mild dehydration, your hair may not look as lustrous or healthy as normal but with more severe dehydration, your hair may become thin, brittle, dry, and break off easily.

Now you have yet another reason to drink plenty of water and cooling, clear fluids such as herbal teas!

4. Watch out for your heating tools

Too much heat on the hair is never a good idea. Heat styling tools can damage your hair, especially if it’s fine. 

If you use a hair dryer, try to move it about 6 inches from the hair, keep it moving and turn down the heat setting where possible. And give those styling irons and curlers a break; let your hair be as natural as it can be. Towel drying gently is your best bet – don’t rub as it will cause friction and hair breakage. Instead scrunch up your hair in the towel and pat dry.

5. Massage those dry tips

Massaging a serum into the dry tips of your hair is a wonderful way to bring your mane back to life. Using the right hair products can leave your hair feeling replenished, hydrated and moisturized. 

Avoid an alcohol-based product and opt for something 100% botanical that your hair will love. Applying a small amount of Cannabella’s La Tropica Body Serum to the ends of your hair, will give your locks a healthy shine. Plus it’s fabulous on your skin for total skin hydration without greasiness or oiliness.

 Follow our 5 ways to nourish summer hair and return it to vitality and your lifeless, limp hair will be magically transformed into the glossy locks you know and love.