Let’s face it – our skin cops a bit of a hiding in summer.  Between the constant onslaught of the bright Australian sun, the film of oily sunscreen, the presence of sweat and often a little too much indulgence in sugar, fatty food and alcohol, the hot months make it more important than ever that we nourish our skin.

If you’d love to learn how to take better care of your body’s largest organ this summer, we have some easy suggestions to make doing so a breeze.  No need for extravagantly expensive skincare or multi-step rituals.  Instead think hydration, protection and working from the inside out!

Sunscreen Do’s and Don’ts

Sunscreen is an incredible product which, when applied correctly, provides a high level of sun protection while remaining virtually invisible.  These days, it’s available in a wide variety of strengths, scents and levels of transparency, with several formulas tailored just for sensitive skin. So far, so good, right?

The only problem is, many sunscreens are heavy, oily and comedogenic – that means, they block the pores of our skin.  This can be especially problematic for acne-prone skin which may (ironically!) require a higher degree of protection if you use harsh acne treatments.  We recommend researching the best lightweight and non-comedogenic sunscreen for your skin online, and sticking to these on problem areas such as your face and back. If you suffer from rosacea or eczema, seek out sensitive skin sunscreens which are mineral based, oil-free and without parabens to ensure your skin is protected without being irritated.

Think Outside the Tube…

Of course, sunscreen is only one part of the skincare puzzle for summer.  Wearing a wide-brimmed hat every time you step outside provides protection from harmful UV rays that can’t wash – or sweat – off.  These days, a quick scan of any surf beach will reveal many surfers wearing waterproof surf hats with chin straps, as well as full length rash vests year round.  These ‘manual’ forms of sun protection are a great option if you spend a lot of time in the surf!

For those on dry land, loose, light but full-coverage shirts and pants made from muslin, linen or cheesecloth reduces the need for all over sunscreen application and give your skin space to breathe while staying safe from harmful rays.

Hydration Nation 

Hydration is important year round, but absolutely critical throughout our hot Aussie summer.  During warm weather, we need to consume at least 2 litres of water (or the equivalent) every day, and more if we’re exercising or outdoors a lot.  If you find it hard to drink that much water, try to work out a low-sugar, healthy alternative that suits you – iced herbal tea with fruit added, soda water or simply adding citrus fruit slices to your water bottle can make it tastier.  Occasional smoothies (read our 5 New Smoothie Recipes blog for ideas!) can help provide hydration too, though of course nothing is better than pure H20…

In addition to hydrating from within, it’s a great idea to review how you hydrate your skin from the surface during summer.  Our skin serums – Renewal, Clarify and CoQ10 – are all specially developed to supply maximum nourishment and hydration to the skin, and should form part of your moisturising arsenal this summer.  Maintaining a constant level of moisture at skin level is key to a thriving skin microbiome, enabling our skin to regulate and maintain a healthy glow of its own accord, so stay aware of this during dry conditions.

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Don't Forget Your Body!

It’s easy to become fixated on the skin on our faces, but the skin on our bodies can suffer throughout summer too.  Many of the tips above – drinking plenty of fluids, combining the right sunscreen for your skin with ‘manual’ sun protection including clothing, hats and shade – benefits the skin on our entire bodies… but we have one more tip for you that’s only for bodies.

La Tropica Body Serum is one of our bestselling products, and has been designed with summer skin in mind.  It smells like the perfect, endless summer of our childhoods (coconut, watermelon and more) and is soothing and restorative for limbs and torsos which have had a little too much sun.  Lather on liberally when you return from a day in the sun, and you’ll feel – and smell – a hundred percent.

Happy summer holidays!