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Cystic Acne Relief

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Ruby has been struggling with cystic acne ever since she hit puberty and has tried everything to get it under control.

Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne and beyond the obvious physical aspects of it, it has a profound impact on self-esteem and body image. After all, it’s all over your face but it can also pop up on your back, chest and bottom. And it can be painful.

After years of trying everything from prescription medication to steroidal creams that dried her skin out, CANNABELLA customer Ruby says,

“I was basically in despair. I felt like I wanted to hide under a rock because I felt so ugly, and my skin looked absolutely terrible.”

Cystic Acne Before


Cystic Acne Midway


Cystic Acne After



  • Painful pus-filled cysts (large pimples)
  • Inflammation
  • Scarring


Depending on the cause and severity of the flare-ups, a dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics to fight infections and reduce inflammation. Isotretinoin (also known by the brand name Accutane) is often prescribed to treat severe cases, Spironolactone to regulate oil production, and steroid shots injected directly into cysts to reduce inflammation and lessen pain.
Beyond this, hormonal treatments like the pill and lifestyle factors like a low sugar or low ‘bad’ fat diet combined with exercise are the recommended treatments for cystic acne. These are often suggested in combination with a good skincare regime that clears dead skin cells and excess oil.


Things like tea tree oil, lavender oil and even supplements that help repair the skin are all considered helpful, along with face masks and trips to the beautician and dermatologist.

“I tried all of it – and spent an absolute fortune. Some of it helped in the short-term but I couldn’t really afford to keep up the intensity of the routine I had gotten myself into. I got to the point where I was fed up with harsh pharmaceutical treatments that had all sorts of side effects. I thought that there had to be something out there that I hadn’t tried.” Ruby, cystic acne sufferer,


Another of our customers, Cait, told us she did “an internet search for cystic acne treatments and the Cannabella Clarify and Renewal Serums came up, along with the detox masks. I was feeling a bit desperate, so I decided to give it a go.”


By using Cannabella’s Clarify Serum a couple of times a day, along with a Green Detox Mask every week, Cait had her acne under control in less than three weeks.

She says the light but moisturising formulation helped balance out the oil in her skin and calmed everything down.
Ruby also reports that her skin is now clear, glowing and balanced; neither oily nor dry.

“I have found some amazing products that keep my skin as cool as a cucumber especially during the harsh winter. I have been absolutely pumping through the Clarify and Renewal Serums by Cannabella.”


When I was a young teen I started to get hormonal acne and went on the contraceptive pill to ‘fix’ it. Little did I know that nearly 10 years later when I came off it, it would come back to haunt me but so much worse. I tried a whole range of natural remedies and techniques to help balance my hormones and support detoxification which is very important but so is what you put on your skin.

After using Cannabella Skincare for one month I noticed a big difference in the cystic acne on my face. It had calmed down and I wasn’t getting as many spots. I kept using the Clarify and Renewal Serums every day, paired with the Green Detox Mask once a week for several months and noticed a huge difference. Thank you so much Cannabella for making these amazing, clean products!

Cystic Acne Relief

About the product

The Clarifying Serum treats and prevents acne, pimples, and congestion. The anti-inflammatory benefits of hemp calm skin down, leading to less oiliness and breakouts.

The Renewal Serum nourishes and brightens with its ultra-hydrating oil-based Renewal Serum that boosts collagen, balances hydration, soothes irritation and reduces redness.

The Green Detox Mask is an effective natural skin detox for congested skin. Purifying and refreshing oily and blemish-prone skin, Cannabella’s clarifying Green Detox Face Mask reduces acne breakouts. Formulated with Australian Green Clay, Kale, Wheatgrass, and Hemp Seed Powder, this skin purifying superstar instantly transforms from a long-lasting powder into a rich clay mask – just add water!