CANNABELLA was founded in 2017 by brothers Matt, Tim, and Michael Stiegler upon learning about mum’s cancer diagnosis. In an effort to alleviate the terrible side-effects of chemotherapy, the brothers devised a health plan to assist her with healing. Despite their best efforts, the chemotherapy continued to dry out and irritate her skin. Nothing seemed to help so Matt began researching natural skincare alternatives. Upon watching Youtube videos that reported the magical healing properties of hemp, Matt decided to melt down her skincare products and add hemp oil and natural botanical extracts. 

Mum immediately saw dramatic results as her skin started to soothe and heal. Amazed by the results, Matt began to research the ingredients in her over-the-counter skincare products. He was shocked to learn that her products contained numerous cancer-causing chemicals. He continued making her homemade skincare products as he watched her skin miraculously improve and heal. 

Mum’s success with the homemade hemp skincare inspired the brothers to keep making products. Matt turned his spare bedroom into a lab, experimenting with different types of botanical extracts and hemp oil while taking skincare courses. In order to further refine his ingredients and verify their origin, he started growing his own plants and learning about hemp’s countless healing properties. 

As family and friends began to comment on how amazing mum’s skin looked, Matt also began using the products. When he told people he made the products himself, orders started rolling in as people with chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne started reporting astonishing results. 

The brother’s incredible success with family and friends inspired them to start CANNABELLA in 2018 in order to give the public access to the healing power of hemp. 

CANNABELLA’s mission is to reconnect people with the healing powers of plant-based skincare. Made from 100% unfiltered hemp oil, CANNABELLA is infused with natural, plant-based botanicals. Unfiltered hemp oil is chosen in favour of processed hemp oil because of its high chlorophyll and Omega vitamin content that helps naturally heal skin without clogging pores – making it perfect for all skin types. 

Founders and brothers Matt, Tim & Michael Stiegler believe that nature has created everything perfectly, which is why CANNABELLA chooses to use only 100% natural, sustainable, & cruelty-free ingredients with zero nasties. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its rich nutrient profile and array of healing properties. 

As a leader in the clean beauty and skincare industry, discover for yourself the wonders of hemp with CANNABELLA for clean, glowing skin the way nature intended it to be.