Aging skin is something we all must face. While aging may be unavoidable, dry & dull-looking skin is not. By discovering the best of nature’s botanicals, more youthful skin may be yours. Thanks to key ingredients with anti-aging properties such as hemp seed oil, Coenzyme Q10, Squalene, and baobab Oil, your skin can regain its youthful glow. Each Cannabella product features a combination of hemp seed oil and anti-aging botanicals that nourish your skin from the inside out for glowing, plump & moisturised skin. 

One look at the current offering of anti-aging products and you’re faced with an array of artificial, costly options from botox and surgery to expensive masks and treatments. However, many of these options have little to no effect on actually reversing the signs of aging and often come with side effects. Look to nature for the best anti-aging treatments to wipe the years off your face. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Meet Hemp Seed Oil, the latest discovery in the skincare industry. Hemp Seed Oil is full of natural ingredients that help repair dull & aged skin. Hemp seed oil is rich in antioxidants and can treat a variety of skin concerns such as visibly reducing wrinkles and repairing skin texture. 

The oil also contains the fatty acids of Omega 3, 6, and 9 in the correct ratio. This allows the skin to maintain a perfect balance of oil levels so it may retain its natural luster and smooth texture. The presence of fatty acids also increases the production of new skin cells which reduces the rate of skin-ageing and heals the skin quickly. 

Hemp seed oil is also naturally moisturising and is a “humectant,” which means it absorbs moisture from the air to keep the skin hydrated and balanced all day. 

Coenzyme Q10

The human body naturally produces Coenzyme Q10, which makes a significant contribution to the function of the body’s cells, especially the liver, heart, & skin.  As we age, our natural production of Q10 lessens, which is why it helps to supply our bodies with Q10 with topical supplements such as the Cannabella Complex COQ10 Serum

Q10 acts as an antioxidant and wards off free-radicals that accelerate aging & damage cells. Q10 is essential for cellular energy production and helps produce the body’s natural “fuel.” The addition of Q10 to your skin routine will help soften fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, firmness, boost cell turnover and help maintain youthful-looking, glowing skin. 

Squalene (Plant Derived) 

Squalene is a unique, plant-derived oil that is naturally produced by our bodies. Natural bodily concentrations of squalene reduce as we age, which is why it’s important to supplement squalene through foods and topical application. 

12% of the human skin surface is comprised of squalene at birth but by our mid-to-late twenties, its production rapidly declines. Using squalene on your skin is a vital part of helping skin remain youthful. Squalene is a key ingredient in many of our serums such as the Cannabella Clarify Serum

Since the body naturally produces squalene, the skin is able to readily receive the oil and its superior hydration properties. It’s molecular structure is similar to that of human skin which allows the oil to deeply penetrate pores and target skin-care concerns at a cellular level. 

Squalane also helps protect skin from free-radicals that cause age-spots and premature aging.

Lastly, squalane oil helps boost blood circulation which promotes the production of collagen for firmer, plumper, & glowing skin. 

Baobab Oil 

For centuries, Baobab Oil has been known by communities in Africa for its nourishing properties but it’s only recently that it’s been discovered by the rest of the world. Baobab is a luxurious and nutrient-rich oil with a plethora of health benefits. 

Baobab Oil is a plant-based oil with a number of antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega Fatty Acids. It boasts a lightweight, smooth texture that absorbs quickly and locks in moisture. Baobab’s rich quantity of antioxidants helps preserve collagen which keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. 

Adding Baobab oil to your skin routine is a powerful anti-aging secret that will leave your skin radiating with health and hydration. It is a key ingredient in the Cannabella Renewal Serum that assists with cell regeneration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps combat modern-day free radicals.