Whether you’re dealing with pollution, wind, brutal sub-zero temperatures or the sun relentlessly beating down on you, protecting your skin against the elements is an ongoing challenge you should always be ready to meet. Fail and the result is dry, sensitive skin, burns (yes, this can happen even in winter!), peeling or cracking. So before you head out the door, take heed of these 5 tips to keep your skin happy and healthy.

1. Dress appropriately

It goes without saying but the right kind of clothes do more than just make you look good. Utilising a barrier protection is one of the best ways to shield vulnerable skin from the weather. Opt for cool linens and silks in summer and cosy wool knits in winter to protect your arms and legs and don’t forget other exposed areas like hands and neck. Wear a hat and sunglasses as much as possible when outdoors.

2. Avoid going out when conditions are severe

Avoid going out when the sun is hottest between noon and 3pm. Likewise try to minimise time spent outdoors when the wind is howling or when it’s especially cold and dry. Cold and dry weather in particular draws moisture away from the skin which can lead to cracked and even bleeding skin. Other conditions like humidity, high pollen levels and high pollution can cause major skin flare ups such as eczema. As the world learns to live with extreme weather fluctuations, staying in when the weather is at its worst can stop the elements from doing a number on your skin.

3. Drink water

No matter if it’s hot or cold, it’s never a bad idea to keep your skin hydrated. Replenish your skin and keep it plump and fresh by topping up on H2O. Aim for at least 8 cups (2L) a day, and don’t overdo the caffeine or alcohol which can have a drying effect on the skin. Drinking water restores the skin’s PH balance, flushes out toxins and other nasties, and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. As an extra level of defence against the elements, guzzling more water prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. Struggle to drink enough water in the colder months? Herbal, caffeine-free tea is a great alternative!

4. Don’t use harsh products or overcleanse

Overly harsh skincare such as microdermabrasion, exfoliants, foaming cleansers, chemical peels and alcohol-based products strip away the skin’s natural protective barrier and leaves it more exposed to the elements. Keep your skin protected by using gentle, natural products only. Avoid harsh chemicals and go for hydrating ingredients like rose hip, jojoba, and hemp. Restore and rebalance the skin with a nourishing serum like Renewal Serum.

5. Moisturise morning and night

An unwelcome side effect of harsh weather is dry skin that doesn’t retain moisture. Make sure to moisturise morning and night to soothe and heal skin. A good moisturiser acts as an extra layer between fragile skin and the elements – multipurpose products like Hemp Jelly or Vegan Hemp Jelly are excellent for locking in moisture and ensuring maximum hydration. Use as an overnight mask, sunburn, windburn and rash treatment, protective lip balm, cleansing balm and more.

Our Hemp Jelly is also suitable for ‘slugging’ – locking in the nourishing benefits of a serum applied at night with a thick layer of barrier cream or jelly. Please note, this is not recommended for all skin types and may be unhelpful for oily skin.

As the body’s largest organ our skin works hard to keep us healthy. Thankfully it’s a breeze to give your skin the TLC it deserves with our easy-to-follow tips!